Sunday, June 26, 2011



I took my wife and son to Joplin awhile back. While it could officially be deemed a "gawking" visit, I wanted to see the damage for myself. Several of the folks I work with have gone to Joplin and I heard their comments about the devastation. Even a month after the tornado, the devastation in Joplin is staggering. Once the initial shock wore off, one thing kept going through my mind as we drove through seemingly endless blocks of destruction - What are we going to do as a church? I realize that we have taking up a special collection, but there is more.

LifeQuest Church, I don't know when it will occur, but get ready - We need to go to Joplin to do our part, however small it may seem to be in the big picture that is their recovery.


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  1. Great point, Mike. I feel that sometimes all of us just throw money at a cause, because we either think that we can't do anything else, or, for lack of knowing what to do. This is one where we need to get our hands dirty, or should all of them be like that? Is it because Joplin is so close that we feel differently? Should we feel this way with all serving opportunities?