Tuesday, July 12, 2011

God Bless Us? No, God have MERCY on US!

Have you ever seen a bumper sticker with the words, 'God Bless America' on it and thought, "Yeah, God. Please bless us?" If you live in these United States, I will tell you...God HAS blessed us. We often are chasing the lie called 'The American Dream.' We are told that we must work very hard and we will get 'more.' Yet, we spend and spend and work and work, and yet, we never seem to arrive at the 'Dream.'

America, it is time for us to stop the self-indulgence that has been tagged 'The American Dream' and start living for God, not ourselves. Now, many will say, "Dave, you are just bitter, because you don't have 'The American Dream.' People, I am LIVING the American Dream! God wants us to enjoy the things that He has given each and every one of us that reside in these United States. He gave us these things for our enjoyment (and to share with others, too) because, without Him, we would not be able to work a trade, run a business, or otherwise 'provide for ourselves.' In fact, He is the GREAT PROVIDER.

The fact is that we have perverted almost everything that God gave us for self and instant gratification. How much do we give back to God? I mean, really, what do any of us NEED that we don't already own/rent/borrow?

It's time that we stop saying "God Bless America" and start saying "God have mercy on America." Have you ever wondered why God blesses the USA and tends not to bless the rest of the world? Is it coincidence that the newest country on the planet seems to be the last (and sometimes only) place that God really blesses? Is it maybe because we haven't perverted ourselves quite to the threshold of God's patience yet? Are we on our way to becoming a modern-day Sodom?

I pray that we re-discover this great country's heritage of 'God and Country' before it's too late, and get on our knees and beg for God's beautiful mercy.

This is my prayer for me, my family, and my country. God please bless America, Amen.

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