Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm going to impact the world...but how?

As I am preparing for small group tonight, I sit here and think..."I'm only one man, what impact can I possibly have on the world?" A friend reminded me of that this week when we were talking and he told me a story about a little girl who grew to be a missionary (as well as her husband) and literally impacted hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. And it all started with one man. One man extended grace to the little girl just as God's grace has been extended to us.

So, how am I going to impact the world? I am going to do what Jesus told us to do...'go out and make disciples of all nations.' This is not a request, this is a command, also known as the 'Great Commission.' Commission means to 'commit' to something, which is not just merely following orders. We Christians sometimes have the mindset to 'come and convert' not 'go and make disciples.' We hide out in our 'stained glass fortress' and hide from the enemy, instead of meeting the enemy head-on. The Apostle Paul suggested that we head directly into the storm 'with the sails up.'

Do we Christians do this today? Do we approach the lost with a sense of urgency? With all of the talk about 'end times,' do we really believe it to be true? I mean, if we really believed that Christ could return at any moment, would we be so concerned about 401K plans and other long-term plans, or would we invest EVERY SINGLE MINUTE trying to save EVERYONE WE CAN?

Lecture over. Let's go impact the world. One disciple at a time...

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