Saturday, July 2, 2011

What are we praying for?

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I know that I am certainly no expert in prayer...I sometimes struggle with what to pray for, how to pray for it, and sometimes, forget to do it at all (please forgive me, I'm on a journey to the Kingdom, but haven't arrived). Anyway, do we pray for safety from harm, when maybe the prayer should be the wisdom, courage and strength to overcome obstacles? Are we living in "safety mode" or in "prayer mode?"

You see, people that live in "safety mode" will probably live long, un-eventful lives in Christ, hidden in their "stained glass fortresses." They will glorify God at church and a few other places, but just have this belief that "witnessing by actions" is always good enough. Jesus wanted us to experience life in a God-honoring way, and, quite honestly, we can't really do that if the extent of our Christian experience is a few hours a week on Sundays and an occasional Wednesday. You see, when the first century Church met, it was to gain knowledge of the Scripture, and to encourage and support one another, nothing more. It was like going to school to learn. The Christian would then USE the knowledge and take the ENCOURAGEMENT to the we do that today? I don't do a very good job of that at times, but I know now that this is my purpose (as all Christians).

I think we all believe that only certain people are "called" to be evangelists. You see, in actuality, we have ALL been "called" to be evangelists (if you don't believe me, then give me your opinion of Matthew 28:19, also known as the "GREAT COMMISSION"). I want to be living in "prayer mode" from now on...intentional daily worship and glorification of the Father...I want to step out of the boat and walk out to Jesus on the water, just as Peter did. I want the Knowledge and the Courage and the Wisdom that Jesus said we have in the Holy Spirit. I want to go and make disciples...not just converts. Keep the faith, but also SHARE it. God Bless!

Are you with me?


  1. Great post, David. Just when I think I have got my spiritual ducks in a row, someone at LQ opens my eyes to something new. The study of the Holy Spirit during Equip U has really challenged me to think outside the box - since I didn't have a lot of preconceived notions about the HS before, it isn't too hard to unlearn them. :)

    I am working on finding my Lion - or at least finding the one that I want to attack first.

  2. This is great stuff...As I have been reading the book called "Radical" by David Platt it has challenged me on what getting together as believers should look like. On Sundays we should be taking notes like crazy...because the stuff is not only for us but it is for those we come into contact with every single day...We need to be taking notes so we can reproduce the exact same sermon when the occasion arises. Statistics say that 80% of us will have forgotten Sunday's message by the following Tuesday. If we wrote it down we could keep it with us! How many sermons could we repeat to our lost friends, colleagues, neighbors, and/or family members? How many sermons have we forgotten? Just some thoughts! Great Stuff Dave and Mike!