Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love One Another

Did you know that Jesus and His apostles John, Peter, and Paul teamed up for about 10 “love one another” statements in the New Testament?  It’s obviously a point they wanted to drive home to the Church.  It’s a big reason that LifeQuest Church wanted to create a vibrant small group ministry. Our Transformation Groups are to be a place where “love one another” happens in very real and tangible ways.  I believe each of us has a need to be loved by a family of believers and--more importantly--to love somebody else.  Our Transformation Groups are where Church happens and where we strive to live out “love one another”.  "Love one another" happens every time a group: encourages a down-trodden member, prays for a member’s needs, celebrates a birthday, welcomes a baby, mourns at a funeral, and on and on and on.  As we embark on a new season of small group ministry as a church, let me encourage you to LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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