Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Beauty of Baptism

There are multiple reasons for being baptized as someone who has been saved by faith in Christ.  Perhaps the most important is simply that Christ and His apostles have set an example of baptism which we desire to obediently follow (e.g. Matthew 3:13f, Acts 2:37-39, etc).   We are also baptized publicly to communicate our membership in God's family to the Church.

But I think the most beautiful reason for baptism lies in the symbolism that the apostle Paul outlines so clearly in Romans 6: "...when we were joined with Christ Jesus in baptism, we joined him in his death...For we died and were buried with Christ by baptism. And just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father, now we also may live new lives" (v3-4).

Think about that! In one instant we are plunged beneath the water--buried with Christ--and in the next we come surging out of the water--raised to a new life in Him.  Through baptism we say farewell to an old way of life and to sin.  And through baptism we greet a new life made possible by Christ's sacrifice on the Cross and by His Spirit's work within us.  And that is the beauty of baptism!

Have you accepted Christ as your Savior?  If so, have you been baptized?  We are actually going to be baptizing some folks on November 20th, 2011 and if you'd like to baptized, let us know.  Just contact any of our staff.  If November 20th doesn't work for you, still contact us and we'll work it out!

The beauty of baptism seen at Camp Sharon.


  1. Well said, Neil! I still remember that hot day in August, being baptized in Clear Creek, near Ash Grove. I remember how I felt when I really felt united with Christ that first time!

  2. And I was so blessed to be baptized by my great-grandfather, a great man of God!