Thursday, December 1, 2011

Find a Church that Fits...

People of faith need other people of faith. God designed us that way. The church can be the jumping-off point to a deeper relationship with God and with others who share our beliefs and seek God's purpose.

When we connect to a church, we receive opportunities to grow, and we give of ourselves. The local church we choose may need an administrator like us, an evangelist like us, a musician like us, or even a seamstress or carpenter like us...The church finds its purpose by meeting needs on earth and connecting others to Christ, while we find our purpose and share our God-given gifts.

Come to LifeQuest this Sunday! If you're a regular, look for new ways to get involved. If you haven't been in a while, ask God to guide you to just the right place...

Until next time,
I'm still putty in His hands,

David Hodson

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  1. Excellent point, I think a lot of people out there just think I need to go to church because that is what a good Christian should do, but they miss out on so much if that is only reason they are going. I completely agree that the church is the jumping-off point to a deeper relationship with God, but it only happens if they immerse themselves in their church community- become a part of it which will not only help them grow but other parishioners as well.