Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ONE VOICE: Your Great Name

The Song:
At LifeQuest Church, we’re kicking of a new year of worshipping God together by learning the song “Your Great Name” by Krissy Nordhoff & Michael Neale.  For some reason, the song strikes me as a great anthem for a new year, new opportunities, new birth, a new dawn.  We begin 2012 by proclaiming the great power of our God and Savior. At the sound of His great Name: “lost are saved, find their way…every fear has no place…the enemy, he has to leave…the weak find their strength…hungry souls receive grace…”

By His power you can live with greater confidence and less fear this year.  By His power you can make a new start this year.  By His power you can experience healing this year.  By His power you can help someone else come to know Christ.  By His power you can make a tangible impact in your community and world.  I trust that—by the power of His great Name—LifeQuest Church will accomplish great things for Christ and His Kingdom in 2012!!!

CLICK HERE to download this song from iTunes.

Lifting my voice with yours, Pastor Neil

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