Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Messing with a Good Thing, Pt. 2

Again, I wanted to take some opportunities to explore a little of the "why" behind some of the changes seen in our worship services over the past several weeks and months.  We've tried to explain it as we go but that doesn't mean that everyone caught it or remembers.  Plus, the conversations & questions that sparked some of these changes would be good thought-prodders for all of us in all areas of life.

As I mentioned in Part 1, w
e have set out to create space for listening to God in our services...we're not trying to find the latest, greatest worship fad.  Here's a little epiphany I landed on awhile back: The Church is mistaken if it thinks that the entertainment factor will be enough to attract and keep folks.  99.9% of local churches in America will NEVER be able to out-entertain the world.  Just watch the Super Bowl here in a few days and you'll see exactly what I mean.  So what hope do we have of attracting and keeping folks?  HOPEFULLY, we have the Spirit of God at work in our midst.

But unfortunately, we at LifeQuest--like many churches--have appeared more concerned with getting our worship service all polished up each week, complete with media & quality music/message, than with allowing space and time for people to pray and respond to the moving of God in their hearts and lives.  So we've struck out to explore ways to correct that.

Our first change was to create more time after the message so there was no need for anyone to feel so rushed that they might not have adequate time time to respond to what God was doing. 
Our second change was to rethink our "response method".  Here's how it used to go: "If you'd like to come down to the altar, you can use the one on the left to pray alone or you can come to the right and the pastor will pray with you."

That method--or something not too distant from it--has been in use for the past 100+ years in many of our American churches.  So, again, why mess with a good thing?  We'll explore that in the next installment of "Messing with a Good Thing".

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