Monday, February 20, 2012

A Youth Ministry Home Run...

During our Voltage (CYM's Sunday School) lesson yesterday I asked this question "Who is the brightest, most inspiring Christian you personally know?"

This type of question comes up a ton in youth ministry curriculum and it is always one I am hesitant to ask. It is awkward for me to ask this, because if the answer isn't "Gosh, you are Jon" then I feel like I am not doing a good enough job...and two, because if it is "Gosh, you are Jon" then I feel embarrassed and that the kids are just saying it because I am in the room...

So with the Group Questions yesterday I had to go there and to my surprise...I found an answer that I loved!  Several students shared one name...and this name is one of the volunteers in our Wed. night SURGE CYM ministry. 

Dani Helm!

The reasons were multiple but the main reason was because "she takes the time to stop what she is doing to ask how I'm doing...and then she listens."


I am so thankful for our Volunteers in CYM who sacrifice a ton of time to pour into students. 

Could you do me a favor?  Would you be able to take some time this week to ask one person under the age of 18 how they are doing...and then listen?

Let us be the church that isn't too busy for our students...

Pastor Jon

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  1. AWESOME! Yes, I've been telling myself I need to work on doing this more. Thanks for inspiring us to be better adults, Dani!