Thursday, May 10, 2012

ONE VOICE: I WIll Follow

The Song:
“I Will Follow” was written by an awesome group of worship leaders & songwriters: Chris Tomlin, Reuben Morgan (from Hillsong), and Jason Ingram.  And its message is one of my absolute favorites of all the songs we’ve been learning this year.  Most songs we sing focus appropriately on God as we worship Him for who He is and what He’s done.  But I think it’s also very appropriate for us to sing songs of commitment and songs that describe how WE are actually going to worship Him with our whole lives and not just our songs.

This song is the perfect blend with verses that proclaim His goodness, His trustworthiness, and His work in our lives…all followed by our worship response in the Chorus: a proclamation that we’ll follow Him at all costs and in everything.  In where He goes, in where He stays, in whom He loves, and in how He serves!

What makes this song extra-special to me right now is this sense I have that it describes so well the heart of our church in this season.  I feel like our church is especially growing in our love for serving.  We’re getting excited about following God wherever He might take us, even if it’s a bit out of our comfort zone!  So I look forward to singing “I Will Follow” with you as we learn it over the weeks to come.

Find It:

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Lifting my voice with yours, Pastor Neil
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do You Pray for Your Church?

At LifeQuest, we wholeheartedly trust that God hears and answers our prayers. We strongly believe that--for our ministries to succeed--they must be rooted in a foundation of prayer.

So do you pray for your church?  And I don't mean praying for this person or that person's friend or this need or that need.  In our culture we focus to a fault on the individual.  God's Word focusses more on the community as a whole.  Could we also shift our focus to be a bit more balanced?  Rather than praying only for individuals in our church who have needs, could we pray for our church and her ministries just as much?  And for the community our church is trying to impact for Christ?

I challenge you to pray for your church.  And when you do, here are some starting points for things you might begin to pray for:

  • Pray for current leaders to have wisdom and strength.
  • Pray for future leaders to be called out and gifted for future ministries.
  • Pray for ministries of the church that you and/or your family are involved with or impacted by.
  • Pray that our church would still be the church when we're scattered throughout our community throughout the week's work and busy-ness.
  • Pray for unity in our church body.
  • Pray that God would send people to our church who don't know Christ and people who know Him but don't have a church home to plug into.
  • Pray that God would gift people through His Holy Spirit to fill ministry gaps in our midst so we can be a more whole and healthy body of Christ.
  • Pray for services and events that are coming up on our calendar...that they'd have kingdom impact.

Like I say, let this be a starting point. But if you believe at all in what your church is trying to do, please, please partner with us in prayer!