Monday, June 18, 2012

ONE VOICE: All My Fountains

The Song:
I hope you’ve been having fun lately as we’ve been learning “All My Fountains” by Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels, Daniel Carson, and Nathan Nockels.  I know the band would all say that we’ve been stretched rhythmically by this song :) And it’s been a blast to see you guys clapping like maniacs!!!  How fun to celebrate God!

So what exactly are we celebrating with this song?  Some of us like things to be spelled out in black and white (like me a lot of times) instead of poetically presented in symbolism and metaphor.  So some of us are probably wondering why we’re clapping like mad and singing about fountains…Ha!   So let me just share what, to me, is the heart of this song’s theme:

First off, the song sets the scene by describing life as a dry desert land in which we struggle to just “keep walking on.” So it’s in that context that we sing of this “flood for my soul,” an “everlasting stream,” a “well that never will run dry,” a river that “carries me home.”  AND where does this life-giving sustenance come from? What is the source?  All our fountains are in God.  Every bit of true sustenance, satisfaction, life, love, and joy are found in Him alone.  And that’s what we’re celebrating when we clap like crazies!  Thanks for being a fun church to worship with and not just a bunch of knots on a log…

Find It:
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Lifting my voice with yours, Pastor Neil

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