Thursday, August 9, 2012


Our mission statement is as follows:  Connecting people to Christ in a way that leads to life transformation.  Those of you who have attended service at LifeQuest should know that sentence quite well - not only is it in the bulletin, but it is written on our walls and mentioned at the end of each service.  But have you given that statement any thought recently?
My family started attending LifeQuest back in December 2006.  I don't know why I started thinking about it, but I realized recently that the person who walked in the door at 720 East Norton road in 2006 isn't the same person who stared at me in the mirror today.  I am transformed.  Don't get me wrong, I am not finished - but I am transformed.
Each of us has a story like this.  What are we going to do today to help a stranger, someone who doesn't have a relationship with our Savior, write their story?


  1. Mike, so true, so true. After listening to our special guest Sunday, and a little Coach Dave Sunday night, I have come to the conclusion that I am just not serving God. I always thought that the usher ministry (1.5 hours a week) was serving God. I thought that the other things that I thought I did in the name of Christ was good enough...have I won any souls for Christ this week? Have I even shared my faith with anyone this month? I am challenging you and the others that read this blog to entertain keeping a journal or diary and simply keeping track of what they "do for God." Of course, I can continue to do this myself if others are doing it. I want to write something down for EVERY SINGLE DAY...God Speed my Brother and keep the would we be different if God asked, "what have you done for Me lately?"

  2. Dave, excellent points. Count me in.