Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week 3, Day 3

Hi Friends,

Yesterday I wrote to you about how I thought God was messing with me.  On Monday, He interrupted my day so I could be reminded that generosity is more than just finances.  Yesterday, as I was beginning to write my thoughts, a missions organization rep and volunteer showed up at the church and knocked on the door.  They reminded me of the generosity of the Springfield churches.  How homes, churches, and businesses had been built in Nicaragua by some very generous people.  They even talked about how different churches from our city had been able to financially support students in Nicaragua so they could graduate from High School and then provided micro-loans to assist them in starting small businesses.  They were excited to hear about LifeQuest's involvement in organizations such as "Friends against Hunger", "Compassion International", and "Avant Ministries".  It is in moments like this where I am reminded that God's people were created to be generous.  If you look at the second chapter of ACTS you will see how the first Church displayed a generous heart by sharing everything they had with one another.  I believe God wanted to remind me (and this is me reminding you) that we are in this together.  There are other organizations and churches out there that have a generous heart.  Sometimes we get in a funk and think that we are all alone in this fight, but we are not.  God has some great troops stationed along with us in Springfield and all through out the world.

This week…be generous,

Pastor Jon

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