Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ONE VOICE: Love Came Down

Love Came Down by Ben Cantelon proclaims the truth of grace, love and hope in powerful fashion.  I love songs that proclaim what God has done and is doing for us in no uncertain terms! But my personal favorite aspect of this new worship song we’ve been learning is: the way it juxtaposes [word of the day :) means to place two things next to each other for contrasting effect] “my Savior Who’s seated on high” with a Love that “came down and rescued me.”

In yesteryear, when I was in college, I sang in a southern gospel quartet. And one of our standard songs had a chorus that read: “He came down to my level when I couldn’t get up to His…” It’s the same message found in Love Came Down: Jesus the Christ was and is enthroned in heaven on high BUT for a space of time in our history He humbled Himself to our level, knowing we’d never be able to reach Him on our own.

He traded divine glory for a feeding trough, golden streets for dusty Judean roads, a heavenly throne for a Roman cross! Love truly did come down to rescue us, my friend.  This Sunday, let’s be thankful TOGETHER as the family of Christ, purchased at the highest price by the One in Whom we now find life, love and hope.

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Lifting my voice with yours, Pastor Neil
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