Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Quality of Our Church's Worship Depends on YOU!

There are many things that can act as a hindrance to excellent corporate worship. Perhaps the biggest hindrance of all has little to do with the musicians, singers, or pastors (real rich coming from a worship pastor, right?? HA!). May I suggest that each of us, as members of a church, have a great influence over the quality of the worship services we attend. The excellence of our services is directly hindered by believers who: never pray at home…look at church as a source of entertainment…spend Sundays marking off imaginary scorecards rather than truly participating…love tradition (or innovation, for that matter) more than the truth, itself…are too busy to unclutter their minds for worship…are holding onto bitterness, resentments, un-forgiveness, or un-confessed sin.

Like me, you may feel you have little control over how our fellow church attenders choose to live and engage with worship. And yet — since the extent to which this is true of the members of our church does have a tremendous impact on the quality of our worship gatherings — what can we do about it? First, we can make certain we're not personally in this group! Second, we can look around to those we have influence with (friends, family) and, as needed and led by God's Spirit, speak into their lives on this issue. Third, we can pray for our church…that God would draw each member to a purer and more truthful heart for worship. Pray that prayer now, if you would!

Let's all strive to be a place of worship where nonbelievers would be drawn to God by looking around at the folks in the seats and being WOWED by the quality of our worship!

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