Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ONE VOICE: We Exalt Your Name

We Exalt Your Name by Kari Jobe & Matt Maher:

When I set out to do some longrange planning of new songs several months ago, I had a goal of finding some songs that would express what we were actually doing in our together-worship time.  For instance, we learned "Here for You" last Fall to remind ourselves that we come on Sunday AM's for God...our worship is for Him, not us. "We Exalt Your Name" falls into this same vein but takes it a step farther: When we sing it, we actually voice a prayer as ONE.  We ask God's Spirit to "come and change the atmosphere, convict and open hearts to hear..."  Together, we acknowledge that His "presence fills and satisfies, tears down the walls we hide behind..."

These are powerful prayers because they're prayed to a powerful Being. The most powerful Being in the universe.  And these are powerful prayers because we pray them together.  And when we do that, He promises to be there in our midst (Matthew 18:19-20).  Wow, supernatural stuff! But what did we think we were doing on Sundays? Holding a rotary club meeting??? NO! We come to actually encounter Almighty God together, to encourage one another in our faith, to share that faith with others who might show up to see what's going on.

So when we sing "We Exalt Your Name" next time, remember to make it our prayer!

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Lifting my voice with yours,
Pastor Neil