Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Worship Like a Football Player

Imagine for a moment that Worship = Football and our Sunday Morning Gatherings = a Football Game. Crazy, I know, but stick with me. What would your week look like? Well, you'd spend some time studying film, you'd spend some time planning with teammates and coaches, you'd spend some time working out, you'd spend some time on the field running through plays. And all that would culminate Sunday when you step out on the field for the big game!

 What if we treated our worship that way? What if we spent the whole week preparing, studying, meeting with other believers, serving, loving people, and praying so that when Sunday's "big game" rolled around, we'd be all practiced up? We'd be conditioned and ready to join our teammates "with One Voice, giving praise and glory to God..."

I confess that I've sometimes made the mistake of showing up Sunday morning completely unprepared. Oh, I had the music all ready and practiced up! But my heart was not in good enough shape because I hadn't been putting in the disciplined training required of a God-worshipper. Can you identify with me on that? Dragging in on Sunday morning....treating it as the practice instead of the game? As if one hour of practice a week is all we need, right? HA, who are we kidding?!

God looks forward to our-together worship. Let's make sure that--come Sunday--we're practiced up and ready to give Him our best TOGETHER!